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images/carola.jpgAfter her education at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam - The Netherlands, Carola Zee mainly worked as graphic designer.

Since 2004 she is completely oriented towards her passion: designing and producing ceramics.

Her work in general stands out by her use of graphic decorations in the material and the form of the objects. Combining modern production techniques with craftsmanship.

images/carola-china1.jpg“Due to mass production people get an overload on products and gadgets, that follow the newest hypes, every season. Most consumer articles are cheap and easily replaceable. Which leads to more consumption and waste of materials. My personal goal is to create products that are beautiful, unique and can withstand time by giving them personal and exclusive qualities.”

Since 2007 Carola has been working together with craftsmen in Jingdezhen China. Famouse for it’s porcelain production for centuries.
Even with the big economical and industrial changes in China a lot of products here are still produced manually. This form of craftsmanship and the people who are doing it are the main focus point in her designs.


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